To meet the needs of commercial patients who use our services but do not own an ENEL-MED package, we offer the Patient Card, which entitles the holder to permanent discounts on services offered by our centre.

Permanent discounts

The card entitles the holder to the following discounts at ENEL-MED centres and diagnostic laboratories:

  • 10% discount on medical consultations, laboratory examinations, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, X-ray and other diagnostic imaging examinations
  • 15% discount on computed tomography and dental hygiene procedures (scaling, air abrasion, fluoridation)
  • 50% discount on consultations and dental check-ups with a dental panoramic X-ray

The card can be obtained from our centres or diagnostic laboratories after payment for the first visit or examination. The patient will receive a discount at each subsequent visit or examination.

Book appointments online with the ENEL-MED Patient Card

Each patient card has a unique number that is assigned to its holder at the first visit. With this number, the patient can arrange appointments via the Internet, without needing to contact our call centre.

This method of making appointments allows patients to view the medical staff’s  appointment hours and choose a convenient time and place for the appointment without rushing.