Looking for gift ideas? Choose health as the gift for your family and friends! Buy a ENEL-MED gift card at a promotional price.

Healthy Woman Card

package is dedicated to women up to 45 years of age and it covers
  • breast ultrasound,
  • transvaginal gynaecological ultrasound
  • gynaecological consultation with (vaginal) gynaecological cytology

Healthy Man Card

  • testicular ultrasound (or prostate ultrasound), automated complete blood count, general urine examination, TSH, glucose in serum, creatinine in serum, lipidogram, transaminases (ALT and AST), total PSA, uric acid in serum, and an internist consultation

Healthy Spine Card

  • package covers 5 spine massages lasting 30 minutes each

FIT Card

  • package covers a consultation with a dietician and includes preparation of an individual diet for 14 days

Healthy Heart Card

  • rest ECG
  • lipidogram
  • echocardiogram
  • cardiologist consultation

Preventive Care Card

  • complete blood count
  • general urine examination
  • TSH
  • glucose in serum
  • creatinine
  • lipidogram
  • transaminases (ALT)
  • ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity
  • intern consultation

Beautiful Smile Card

  • oral hygiene procedures:
  • scaling (removal of accretions on teeth)
  • air abrasion (removal of dental plaque)
  • fluoridation (covering of the tooth crown with fluoride preparations)
  • dental check-up

Card for a package of 5 consultations

  • a package of any five consultations with ENEL-MED specialists to be used at any centre.

Card for a package of 3 paediatric visits

  • package includes: three paediatric or paediatric specialist consultations and a package of 15% discounts on laboratory examinations (the discounts apply during the term of use of the Card)

Ask about the card at the reception or contact our call centre!