24h for health

Comprehensive health evaluation in just one day

Every day, in pursuit of a better life, we keep implementing our plans. How often do we forget the fact that it is worth not only visiting the doctor when our body starts to protest?

In response to today’s lifestyle, the ENEL-MED Medical Centres offer the ‘24 hours for health’ preventive programme, which makes it possible to undergo a comprehensive evaluation of your health in just one day.

The ‘24 hours for heath’ programme is dedicated to people who value their time and are aware of the need to take preventive measures, especially regarding diseases of affluence, such as cancer or diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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Why is it worth taking advantage of the programme?

If you think that going to the doctor is a waste of time, this programme is for you. Getting through all of the examinations and consultations outside the programme would take a few weeks and would also require at least five visits to medical facilities. With this programme, you receive a comprehensive assessment of your health immediately.

Other benefits:

  • early prevention – the examinations may help you to prevent the development of many diseases, including those that are often asymptomatic, such as cancer
  • a wide range of specialist consultations and comprehensive diagnostics – the programme consists of consultations with specialists and laboratory and specialist diagnostic examinations (including those for which a medical referral is normally needed)
  • individual care – participants in the programme are under the care of a doctor and a nurse, who coordinates the performance of the examinations
  • comfortable conditions – we provide a room with access to the Internet, newspapers, meals and beverages

What is included in the programme?

  • initial consultation – a detailed medical history and doctor’s recommendations for further diagnostic procedures
  • consultations with specialists (depending on the package, e.g. with internists/cardiologists, in the customised package – any consultations suggested by the attending doctor)
  • laboratory tests, electrophysiological and advanced diagnostic imaging examinations
  • final consultation – the attending doctor, after analysing the results of all examinations and specialist consultations, presents the diagnosis and makes recommendations to the patient
  • individual nursing care