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The ESTELL Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, a new ENEL-MED facility, is going to welcome its first patients on 03 December 2014. "The highest quality and safety of the services provided is ensured by our clinical team that comprises certified aesthetic medicine doctors, the graduates from post-graduate studies at the University of Warsaw, and Post-Grad Aesthetic Medicine Schools established by the Polish Medical Association and Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Ageing Association", emphasizes Beata Krakowska, General Director of ESTELL. The ESTELL Clinic is located in the Senator building at Bielańska 12 in Warsaw.

The ESTELL Clinic provides a wide range of cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and gynaecology procedures. Face and body treatments will be performed with the highest quality equipment and the best, safest materials. The offer is addressed both to women and men. The services available are tailored to the needs of all clients who consider their visual appearance to be a very important part of their social and professional life.
"Aesthetic medicine aims not only to take care for the external beauty, but also to give a temporary liberation from everyday worries and responsibilities. During this private time, we should care for ourselves. We have made our best to ensure comfort and safety for our patients", adds Beata Krakowska, General Director of ESTELL.

Make a Beautiful Present For Your Face

A face is a person's business card – it plays a key part in the way people look at us, and determines our relations with others. It is therefore crucial to keep it beautiful and bright. Everyday responsibilities, worries, environmental pollution and the passage of time leave their traces on our skin. Home care might not always be sufficient. The ESTELL Clinic offers procedures helping to keep your look beautiful and healthy regardless of your age, and they include: rejuvenation, face oval modelling, fine lines and wrinkles removal, reduction of shadows and swelling under the eyes. Moreover, our clients may undergo the lips correction procedure, as lips can change their shape as the time passes. People suffering from acne complexion or erythema will have an opportunity to choose from a series of procedures to fight their disease, e.g. phototherapy, HARMONY XL and ALMA LASER treatments, or cosmetology procedures. ESTELL also offers other laser treatments (e.g. EMERGE, CO2, IPL Harmony XL – Alma Laser), which are used to effectively and safely reduce discolourations and pigmentation lesions, such as freckles, spots and moles.

Rediscover Your Body

Most women and men dream about an ideal body. You can shape it with a proper diet, everyday care and regular physical activity. However, there are some processes that we simply cannot control - e.g. cellulite or stretch marks formation. To remove such changes, the ESTELL Clinic uses specialist equipment: Maximus, ICOONE and STORZ. The clinic also proposes non-invasive body shape treatments and reduction of local body fat. It is possible to gradually reduce body fat in procedures that use e.g. STORZ shockwave, ICOONE or MAXIMUS technology. Aesthetic medicine combined with dietary advice helps to achieve the desired effect – your slim look.

Healthy and Beautiful Legs

Dilated blood vessels is an increasingly common disorder for both women and men. The problem is caused by many factors, including estrogenic activity in female body, as well as strong emotions, legs strain, abnormal body position during sleep, prolonged periods of sitting or standing, blood pressure disorders or intake of contraceptives. The above factors cause erythema and the resulting spider veins. Dilated blood vessels may be one of the first symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, a condition that threatens human health and life. We should take particular care about our legs, especially that modern medicine has developed many non-invasive treatments. The ESTELL Clinic offers the following type of therapies for its clients: blood circulation and metabolism stimulation treatment, vessels reinforcement therapy, or laser removal of deep and surface vascular damages and spider veins.

Your Skin Several Years Younger

Skin ageing is influenced by a series of factors, e.g. genetic indicators, UV radiation, environmental pollution, care, diet, or hormonal balance. When you are 40–45 years old and your hormonal activity slows down, skin ageing process intensifies (especially in women). The process is noticeable and affects your entire body, not only your face. Many years of research proved that aesthetic medicine treatments can considerably delay the skin ageing process, firm your skin and rejuvenate it. Treatment available at ESTELL will help you achieve this, so try the following procedures: CO2 laser, Alma Laser, EMERGE laser, PELLEVE, ICOONE, MAXIMUS, ULTHERA or Z300 (this device is available on the market since Autumn 2014 as Zaffiro's successor). Moreover, the clinic will offer procedures with Botox, hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma, as well as mesotherapies, medical and cosmetology peelings.

The ESTELL Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is located in the Senator building at Bielańska 12 in Warsaw.
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