History and Philosophy

The ENEL-MED Medical Centre is a Polish family company the founder of which is Adam Rozwadowski - from the very beginning the owner and the Management Board President of the company.

The main objective of the company has always been
continuous development, increasing of potential,
establishment of new facilities, and introduction of
new technologies and methods.

We see an individual in every man. Adam Rozwadowski - Founder of the ENEL-MED Medical Centre

Mission ENEL-MED

We improve health and comfort of patients' life.

This is how we follow our mission:
  • through development of the comprehensive medical care system
  • through cooperation with the public and private health care sector
  • through popularisation of health prevention

Vision of ENEL-MED

 "To provide medical services at the top level owing to continuous development of competences, and determination of trends and standards in medical care, as the market leader.

This is how we follow our vision:

  • through maintenance of the key position on the market of medical services
  • through development of the network of outpatient clinics and hospitals in Poland
  • through popularisation of the system of employee health programmes (prepaid medical care packages) and health insurance
  • through introduction of modern imaging diagnostics methods and development of telemedicine



Concern. Responsibility. Safety.

  • we effectively help others
  • we anticipate consequences of our decisions and actions
  • we keep our promises
  • we respect and understand needs of others
  • we accept responsibility for our actions
  • we are polite and friendly to others
  • we are socially responsible (CSR – employee volunteer service programmes)
  • we are discreet

Skilful in thinking. Effective in action.

  • we take the initiative and use knowledge in various areas
  • we act effectively
  • we look for information
  • we create innovative solutions
  • we believe in self-improvement
  • we share knowledge
  • we analyse and draw conclusions

Respect to dissimilar opinions. Dialogue. Teamwork.

  • we express opinions based on arguments
  • we respect dissimilar opinions
  • we actively listen
  • we ask questions
  • we effectively inform
  • we provide and encourage others to provide constructive feedback and openly accept it
  • we solve problems
  • we accurately express our expectations towards people we work with